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The whole new diving experience about picking up this new hobby.. I have been to my first overseas dive!! And it is to see the famous Thresher Shark!! The shark with 2 meter-long tail!! Not to mention the crystal clear water with high visibility, indeed making the whole unforgettable memory, and fun that we could talk about for the years to come.

Thresher Shark in action!!

This smarty was out having breakfast when we, the bunch of us, waiting patiently along the edge of the cliff underwater. Yes CLIFF!!

The island..

Got to be thankful for the wonderful local Dive masters, instructors who organised the trip, buddies and friends who make the whole trip so awesome and memorable.

However, without my nicest OW instructor who introduce and encourage me to try going overseas dive, I would not have such guts to adventure out with beginner diving level. Even though we have been drifted apart, I always believe we meet certain people at certain time for certain reason. Thank you Instructor! If you know who you are! =)

Time to go on and blush the diving skill further... Where is the next destination?

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