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So Cool!!

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I'm having trouble deciding if this is "real" or not. Was this painted in real life, or was it photoshopped?

What website did you get this from? Do they show how it was done?

Where is this place located?

Thanks for posting the awesome pics.


That is crazy. wonderful use of spatial relationships to create something breath taking in and out of perspective.

yeh!! They are awesome design. I got the pictures from forwarded email. If anyone know where are these places located, feel free to post up!!

I saw something very like this in Paris last summer over an entire block by the Gare de l'Est (I think). I was walking by when the lines lined up. Really cool! No idea about the artist, though.

hrmz.... it looks totally photoshopped to me. but if its not, that is amazing.

For all you skeptics I can tell you it is not photoshop! I am a designer and have done research on this for clients. It is all math and angles and a lot of patience. It really does take talent.

Well, if you pay attention to the size of the white circles on the first pic, you'll see that they do not seem to have the right size to create the correct perspective... it looks fake to me. But i hope it's not!

hi guys it's definively not photoshop...
the first (i think) who've done this kind of work is Felice Varini...
i had the chance to have seen in real on of his work in the chateau de versailles in france, it was astonishing....

forgot the link :

not sure if it the same bloke but look up Axel Peemoeller. has done similar stuff.

its 100% real trust

Very similar sort of project at which is most definitely real.

I don't think it's unreasonable to think this project is real either, these kind of 3-dimensional optical illusions have been around for years.

But perhaps if bloggers were a little more forthcoming and/or rigourous about the sources of their images and information, it would be a little easier to know for sure...

It's probably a whole lot easier than you think. Just project it with light, then paint over the projection.

Felice Varini. amazing.

they are real, by the artist felice varini

i am not sure if these are actiolly painted or photoshoped. hstaino made a good point with the measurements not being appropriate.

fun ta stick!! work!!

Is this real???!!!! how they did this?? unbelievable!!

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