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The TV series showing:

The rich dad has grown-up children from two wives. Three of them from the legally-married wife and one from his lover. When he was lying in the hospital during final stage of his life.. the three children were unable to be by his side for various reason, but only the son from his lover rushed to his side before he passed away.. and as usual, the elder brother start defending his inheritance from the late-dad..

Well, the point that keep me thinking is, when we pass away, all the material life that we work so hard to earn, live for, would be left as it is or maybe the children will start fighting for it.

Without realisation, we have grown up and getting old, our parents are growing more white hair and not as smart as before, the friends around us getting married, having their own family set up. Things gradually changing, what seems to be having now, would not be there forever, so as we.

Have you ever wonder, when we are gone, what will happen to things that we owned? Our clothes, our shoes? Emails that left in the mailbox? Facebook account still showing our friends' updates? The post that written today will be left in the one-of-million blog for people to search? But life goes on, the earth still rotate as usual. If everything become so insignificant in no time, why are we still working so hard to live a life?

What is the meaning of life when it will eventually ended?

It is so sad to think about what is going to end.

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