The Most Beautiful Rainbow Beaches On Earth


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A cursed beach, "Punalu'u Beach". One of the famous beaches in Hawaii, for the black colour. It is formed by the volcanic blank sand. During the volcanic eruption, the magma gradually formed the blank sand when cooling down by the sea water. The local legend believes that, bring the black sand home will bring disaster home and the person will be deeply curse by the volcano god, Pele.

The red beach on the moon "Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii". It is located right next to mountains with deep red rock. The beach is formed after the rock being eroded by the sea and wind.

Colourful "ice-cream" beach, "Pfeiffer Beach". Located in California, USA. The beach is rich in manganese, after the erosion with the wind and sea water, the beach turned into a unique colourful combination, purple, pink and yellow, just like a large piece of soft cloth, or a large pink ice-cream.

As pure as the virgin, "Hyams Beach". Located in New South Wales, Australia. With the amazingly white sand, the beach is the pride of local people. The beach is also recorded as "the world's most white beach" in the Guinness World Record.

The beach with green gem, "Papakolea Beach". Being one of the world's only two green sand beach. This fascinating beach is covered by the green quartz sand. The green crystal quartz sand fall into the sea with the volcanic eruption, which later eroded into green sand.

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