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Diving in Sipadan, a long planned holiday since beginning of the year and completed with awesome fun and exceeded the expectation.

The journey began with a lovely warm weather morning, when everything seems perfect without knowing what were ahead waiting for us (well, of course we have done all the arrangement, thinking everything is going to be fine).

First surprise right after we arrived the Kota Kinabalu, the master of our buddy picked us up from the airport and show us around the city, had an amazingly delicious pork noodle, coconut drink and lokan before we back to the airport for the flight to Tawau.

Second surprise, the flight to Tawau was delayed and keep delaying. When we were all tired from the 5am woke up for the first flight and knowing the flight to Tawau would be departing at almost 2am, we were still trying to entertain ourselves with positive spirit, enjoyed the best KFC I had ever had offered by the airline as dinner.

Third surprise, when we finally arrived Tawau at around 3am, the transport we arranged had gone back to Semporna due to the flight delay. And when the random pickup offer by the local did not seem to be a wise option, we decided to sleep over in the airport. Yeh, it was kind of scary to me, but it probably better off to risk being dump in the middle of no where at dark too. And guess what, we found massage chairs! Which mean we could sit and sleep comfortably while waiting for the next day. The longest 4 hrs I had ever felt...

Fourth surprise, the diving resort - the Rig! Build right in the middle of the ocean. 180 degree of the ocean view. All the tiredness vanished the moment we landed the platform. Even though there was a little drama on the room arrangement, all good after the great help from the awesome dive instructor.

Fifth surprise, Diving!!! Yeh!! Continuous diving for 5 days...

Smiley nudibranch :)

Orang Utan Crab!

Sea Turtle looking at you!

Awesome buddies, Dive Master, Dive Instructor, food! A valuable memory to treasure for lifetime. We will sure visit the places again soon. Till then, where is the next destination??

Any diving addicts out there, Sipadan is a must visit diving paradise!! And so as Seaventures - The Rig!

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