Queen Elizabeth Wins Two Bars Of Soap And Bath Oil At School Raffle!


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This is pretty cool! I thought it was a prank too! With her wealth, this win seems to be "arh"?!

Organisers of a school raffle were left stunned when the winner of two bars of soap and bath oil turned out to be British monarch Elizabeth II.
Organisers at Fox Primary School in Notting Hill, West London couldn't believe their eyes when the winning ticket they pulled out had "The Queen, Buckingham Palace" written on it.

Thinking it was a prank, they were about to throw away the ticket, but were stopped when a fellow punter revealed that the ticket was genuine.

As it turns out, one of the courtiers at Buckingham Palace has kids that go to the school, and the Queen offered to buy some tickets after overhearing the man selling them to other workers.

A source revealed that the Queen has now been informed about her win.

News via: Newkerala

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