Scientists Create Paper-Thin, Flexible, Biodegradable Battery


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Ever wonder when we will be having tinier camera, mobile phone, etc? With this new technology, we will be soon using more handy devices.

researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MIT have developed a new material that eliminates the need for a multilayer battery. They grew carbon nanotubes on a silicon substrate and impregnated the gaps between the tubes with cellulose—that's right, plain old paper. The cellulose also covered the ends of the nanotubes, but once it had dried, the paper material could be peeled off of the silicon substrate, leaving one end of the carbon nanotubes exposed to form an electrode.

By putting two sheets of paper together with the cellulose side facing inwards (and a drop of electrolyte on the paper), a supercapacitor is formed.

Tiny and flexible: the future of batteries?

Read more at: arstechnica

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