New Slippers From RipCurl!


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A post dedicated to my friend, who is soon leaving for Japan!

Topped up my shoe rack with an additional pair of slipper for a stupid reason.
haha... wonder why?? Let you guys have a guess..*wink wink*
But Hey man, Really thank you for buying the slippers with me even though you might not need an extra pair.

Remember to take good care of yourself in Japan!! And Good Luck with everything!!
Oh ya.. I went to the snowy mountain as well this year. =)

Thank you for "looking after" me falling from the top when I went up the hill for the very first time..
I am a better skier now!! But I am going to snowboard next time I visit the snow. Probably Japan!!?
Otherwise.. Spring sakura!! =) and Ghibli Museum!!!

Take care man!!!!!

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