Car Crash - Ferrari,BMW z3,Lamborghini etc!!


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What a waste man!!!


BMW z3

BMW Mini


Hummer H2


Land Rover



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Did anyone notice that the BMW and the Audi are the same car? How was this mistake made? It is obvious that that is a BMW, not an Audi, and its obvious that its the same car and the same accident.

haha!! my bad! thanks anonymous for pointing out the duplicate! updated the post! =P

That's why i prefer to take volvo and mercedes BUS in my country . buy a car , pay fuel , annual repair ,road tax. erp gantry ,carpark , illegal parking kanna summon also. the list go on. take a bus is so much straight forward

AAAAAAAAAh no way !
The BMW Z3 (snif)
The others cars are too much !!!

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