IPod Nano 1st Generation Replacement


| By : Kuromi

Received an email from Apple about the "iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program". Yes, owning the iPod nano (1st generation) for more than half a decade now and the device is still functioning perfectly. The nano have been with me for running, travelling, all sorts of outdoor activities and yet still working fine. Only starts realising the battery life is shortening lately and yet never thought of replacing it with other models. In fact, it has so many memories even from the first day I bought it home..

Then this replacement program suddenly comes along. This is the longest mp3 player I have been using. Even though it is old school, but the features of the device has yet out-of-fashion. If it was you, would you trade in your Ipod nano since the current one might be dangerous in the long term?

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