You Didn't See Me!! You Didn't See Me!


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Photoshop-ped work!But it is funny!

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You "steal" from my entry!!

I am a *HUGE* dog lover and am always trying to dress up my doggies to make funny pictures.

This has to be the best ever, lol!

Hi Sentosa Girl,

I am glad that we share the similar taste in funny picture. However, as you can see from the picture, even the water mark are different. So..err?! I don't understand where is the accuse coming from? For your information, I got the picture from my friend's spam email. Otherwise, I am more than happy to provide a link back to the ORIGINAL source.

Hope I have clarified any misunderstanding. And Thank you for visiting my blog!~

Good day precious,

Thank you for visiting my blog! haha.. yah!! It is funny!! Take some pictures of your lovely doggies and share with us!!

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