If Can Forget


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I like these pictures! And the message come with them. Forgetting is not easy, but time will heal the sadness. Definitely not an over-night miracle, but be strong and move on, tomorrow will be another and probably a better day. *Smile*

Sometimes you will be amazed by where the destiny bring you to..
Jumping from one disaster to another is not what you initially intended..
Sometimes really hated myself for not knowing how to let go..
Clues, hints are so obvious that it would not last long..
The sadness gradually destroying the heart and hope..
Finally telling myself to move on..
Giving you the room to seek for your happiness..

Tears running down without realizing..
Wondering if this is the right decision..
But at least away from all the troubles..
You are just a passer-by..
It is giving up or never a choice at all..
Forgetting will be the only option..
Are there love happened at all..
The answer will probably be no..

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